Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Merchant of Venice Quiz

Extra Credit Quiz - Year 11

* How many ducats does Antonio borrow from Shylock?
* Antonio realizes he can't pay back the loan. What does Shylock demand of him?
* Of the following, what metal was actually used as one of the 3 caskets?
* What is the name of Shylock's rebellious daughter?
* In the 1973 movie version, who plays Shylock?
* By the end of the play, which of the following characters was not married or engaged to be married?
* What did Jessica receive in exchange for a sapphire that she stole from Shylock?
* What was the pseudonym that Portia used to be Antonio's lawyer?
* Which character speaks the last line of the play?
* Which of the following is not one of Portia's servants?
* Who is 'the merchant of Venice'?
* In what year was 'The Merchant of Venice' first performed?
* What was the name of Old Gobbo's wife and Lancelot Gobbo's mother?
* Where did Jessica spend fourscore (80) ducats in one sitting?
* What does Shylock dream of that makes him suspicious of going out to dinner ?
* Which two men are trying to find out the reason for Antonio's sadness in the first scene of the play?
* Which "part" in the world does Gratiano say he wants to play?
* Which childhood activity does Bassanio talk about when justifying how he wants to spend more money in pursuit of Portia's wealth?
* To what does Bassanio compare the Golden Fleece found by Jason?
* Which of the following is not mentioned amongst the list of suitors who have considered and then rejected trying the choice of the caskets to win Portia in marriage?

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